3 Simple (And Inexpensive) Style Hacks to Upgrade your Work Look

Have you heard of the law of marginal gains? Basically, the principle states small incremental movements in any process amount to significant improvement when all combined. So what 1% improvements can you make to your own personal style?

In this article, I will be going over 3 easy and inexpensive ways to immediately upgrade your look and make you feel more confident.

Magnetic collar stays


These little 1.5-inch metal stays are an absolute life savers. Have you ever seen someone at the office and their collar is flat and sticking out? We call that fly away collar.. and you don’t want fly away collar. By using these collars stays with the magnet it allows your collar to stand up and tall. This is especially important when you wear a sport coat. There are many brands that make these, one brand that I like is call Wurkin Stiffs. You can get these on amazon for very cheap.

Tie Dimple


By utilizing a tie dimple, it will add dimension and character to your tie. This shows you know more than the average joe who puts a tie on once a year for that wedding he doesn’t want to go to. First, you will need a high-quality tie with a thicker fabric to accomplish this. As you pull the fat end of the tie though the knot you will need to pinch the fabric together before pulling it through. This takes some practice and patience, but you and your future boss will be thanking me later.  

Proper Shoe Laces

Did you know there was proper way to lace dress shoes? And no, it’s not the same way you lace Jordan’s. This is not as obvious as the other two but once you see the difference you will know why it’s important. Some say that men dress from the feet up and I would agree. A nice classic pair of dress shoes can be a staple and great investment in any man’s closet. That being said an amazing pair of shoes can easily be ruined by a raggy pair of laces that are laced the wrong way.  Although there are a few ways to properly lace dress shoes (will touch on that in a different article) the most contemporary and elegant way in my opinion is the straight lace. You will essentially feed the laces diagonally below the eyelets so the laces on top appear to go straight across. This also allows yours shoes to fit tighter onto your feet.  

Try any or all 3 of these hacks for an instant upgrade.

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